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This page last updated in August 2020.
Book dedications are great fun. The one above has just come in! If Sally and Paul ever read this we hope they will contact us. In this troubled world it is wonderful to see the endurance of Love. How lovely for a man to know he is "..maturing into a rich, mellow oakey smooth son of a gun...!" Lucky you Paul! The dedication is in a copy of Jean Giono's "The Man Who Planted Trees", a book that we reviewed here in February 2018. Here is a link attached. To read... Please Click Here.


And so, it is only fitting that a wonderful book has just come our way!
W. B. Gooderham (edits). 2013. Bantam Press (see above centre).
"Dedicated to the Forgotten Friendships, Hidden Stories and Lost Loves Found in Second-hand Books". 192 pages.
We have seen many similar dedications over the years, but sadly failed to make a note. Above just two from our current stock. To the right..Gwen's married bliss in August 1949. To the left a gentle warning from a Richard Hawkins in 1853..."Anyone to whom I lend a book is at perfect liberty to read my scribblings, if so inclined. If it were otherwise, I should not lend the book at all or scim over anything I did not wish to be seen".


The above Dedication (pages 32 & 33 of Gooderham's collection) is just delicious..one needs to link Mum & Dad's carefully chosen "Collection of Bawdy Ballads" (to their "Wayward Boy")..to the suggestion from Dad that "..some of the book's ballads might encourage you to learn the piano!"

P.S. Should anyone have a book dedication of interest, please send it along and we will add it with full acknowledgement. Thank You.

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