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An Unusual Composite WW1 Air Memorial Comprising:

1. An original (green) canvas-tipped single wooden blade from a four bladed propeller (above center).
2. Inset pilot photo.
3. Inset bronze Memorial Plaque (Widow’s Penny), engraved:“Thomas O’Grady”
4. Mounted and framed very distressed original B & W photo of the crashed plane dated 16th March 2017, (see below).
5. Wooden strut from the crashed plane fashioned into a walking stick.


1. Even though the crashed plane is inverted, we can identify it as a Royal Aircraft Factory. BE2c (see beow right). This can be seen from the unique “V” tail skid, fuselage roundel and tricolour tail rudder (above left and full scale B & W image of crashed plane below).
2. The rear of the photo states in faint pencil:
“Thomas O’Grady. K.I.A. 16 March 17”
2. The B.E.2c went into squadron service just before the outbreak of WW1. Relatively large orders were placed, with deliveries of production aircraft starting in December 1914.
3.  Arm decorations on his Uniform (see below, center) are: "A.F. Warrant Officer 1st Class + two wound stripes".

N.B. We have traced ownership back to 1982, but somewhere here there remains a fascinating story to uncover.

We would be delighted for this collection to find a good home. P.O.A.
SOLD May 10th 2019.
[Another WW1 propeller has just come in. See our Diary Page for April 14th].

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