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Some people collect stamps..others coins. One of my hobbies over the years has been to collect Jokes. I have about ten. It's all very subjective, and so, what I find funny may not be to all readers tastes. That's only to be expected. What would be nice is Feedback. For me a good joke has to work at several levels.
Better still..give pause while it is digested, then suddenly to see the irony, etc....

Here below are three of my favourites. The first being one of the gentliest....and perhaps funniest..?

The rather sweet and innocent young girl at the perfume counter is asking...

"Would it be all right to dilute it with water to begin with?"



And here below is one, perhaps more sophisticated in view of Anglo-French relations..?.

It's only two lines. So, let me set the scene...

We are in the Garden Of Eden...but in France...

Adam: "Cherie. Voulez vous un Grandmere Smith?"
There is a long pause while Eve considers this......
Eve: "Non Cherie, je prefer un Pippin de Cox".

I first saw this in 1980, on the front cover of Miles Kington's Penguin paperback "Parler-Vous Franglais" (see below).
It still strikes me as brilliant, you see Granny Smith's (originally printed as Golden Delicious) are rather big French apples, green skinned and rather acidic,
whereas Coxes Orange Pippins are rosy pink, are English and of a delicious flavour.
(N.B. "Pippin"...old English...a small pip)
Ah Well...


For one liners..this is very funny also...

It's Bob Monkhouse, speaking to an audience in fits of laughter.

"My parents thought it funny that I wanted to be a comedian.

They're not laughting now!".


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